Soothing Voice of an Angel

Dark place, quiet surroundings… And her music to fit in the mood. I found comfort in her soulful voice, got mesmerized with her beauty and I saw my life through her words. That’s how amazing this beautiful singing flower is. Jasmine Lucilla Elizabeth Jennifer van den Bogaerde. Her long name just depicts how beautiful she…

Oh, Ed.

“And honey, your soul could never grow old. It’s evergreen.” You’ve said this line in one of your popular songs, “Thinking Out Loud.” It’s pretty obvious that you dedicated this to the love of your life, whoever that lucky girl is. I’ve written this letter to you today, hoping that you can/will read this in…

Les Miserables- A Movie ’bout Life

I was in Paul’s house to write a script for our upcoming short film. While writing, our director, Arjay, sang some songs which I’m not familiar with. Two of my best friends, Paul and Robert, then said some stuff about those songs. Since I don’t have any idea what they are talking about, I just listened then asked….

The Wandering Demoiselle

It was 5 in the afternoon of December 8, 1998 in the ciudad of dreams (Manila, Philippines) when I was born, weighing 8 pounds. According to my papa, I am a fast-learner that’s why I started studying at the age of 4. Kinda unusual, right? I love to sing and write. I don’t know where or when…

What’s up readers?

Join me as I travel my journey of life which God has written for me. Welcome! xoxo, Winslyn.