A Song Of Promise (“I Will Wait For You”- Us The Duo)

Everything was fine, the way it was
Normal and ordinary
Then there was you, so randomly too
And now you’re starin’ at me…

This song… This song became my jam during my recent vacation in Manila. The feeling of being reunited with someone special, aside from my family, made me forget all the sad things that has happened to me in Iligan. His hugs and caresses complete all the bonding we shared. The way he smiles, giggles and stares at me; the feeling it brings never changed. I always feel young whenever I’m with him. His warmth feels so right. I really can’t tell what I really feel towards him… but I’m so sure that he never fails to make me feel like home.

We became bestfriends since childhood so we kinda know our deepest secrets, our strengths and weaknesses. When I got raped and I had no one to talk to, he was there. He told me to go to Manila for me to have a break. Guess what? When I arrived, he hugged me no matter how public it was. The people around didn’t matter. That was one of the best welcomes I received in my entire life. My heart leaped joyfully for we have seen each other after a long time.

We talked a lot, ate cookies and street foods… and you know, doing stuffs that bestfriends typically do. He told me stories about his studies, his girlfriend, his crazy adventures and more. I told him the same, my experiences and my plans. We exchanged thoughts which made our conversations really deep, like there’s no one that’s allowed to interrupt. It seemed like we have our own world. The feeling of lying beside him… just felt so right.

My dad told me that we’re still young. Communication really matters, like even the simplest “hello” can make someone happy. Distance really makes the heart grow fonder and both of us know that. We both felt that I should never leave Manila or else I might get lonely again. Well, guess we’re right. But this time, I’m standing in this land of misery, carrying his words. I shouldn’t give this up. I can make this life beautiful again. He’s part of my life, and if I kill myself, it’s like killing all the things we shared together. He told me he’ll be completely fucked up if he discovers that I took suicide. His stare when he said that saddened me. He asked me to stay alive so that we can still see each other again.

And so, I made a promise. To fight… and to wait for whatever the future awaits for me… for us. We support each other even if we’re miles away and it’s something worth staying alive for.

As for the song, here it is. Enjoy and feel the words, dear readers. Always think of the people who really care for you. Again, this world’s beautifully made for us to explore. Don’t forget that, ‘kay? ‘Til my next entry!


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