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Thoughts Of A Stargazer


I know that, I know that
She did it, She didn’t,
Mean it, She meant to
Show love when she loved you
I know that, I knew that
She fell for a dreamer
I fell when she fell
And we fell in forever

She said she was sorry
My anger was envy
My thirst was an engine
I wanted to begin
Again and I know that
I hate her, I liked her
I want her, I loved her
My lung’s irritated
My sense, agitated
My core lying wasted
You’re eyes are a forest
And I’m in the woods again

And again, it just sinks in my mind
Again and again, and I’m trying to fight it
I’ll never endeavor to look for another
You’re my collider, the reason I’m everywhere
You impact, I impact, we sparkle and shatter
You lost track, I’m intact, My hands are together
I get it, I’m neither a loved or a lover
I’m just a moment but you’re my forever.

This was written by my friend. He’s a lowkey-type of guy and he has passion for music, literature and serving the campus in his way (he has this habit of picking up garbage/s whenever he sees one or two). I began admiring him since I met him on TINGOG. He was supposed to run this KASAMA elections but he said that he decided to prioritize his family first.

To the stargazer, keep writing bro! You’re inspiring a lot of people through your works and I just want you to know that… I’m your secret fan.


Your astrophile sister,