Tangerine-shaded Solitude


One of my this year’s resolutions is to improve my skills in visual arts. So, to start my practice, I decided to paint a sunset view. Since I kinda felt lonely when I painted, the objects I drew are a dead tree and a lonely man, who’s waiting for something to happen, or someone to come and comfort him. Hence, I named this the ‘Tangerine-shaded Solitude.’

I was able to finish this on the day Ma’am Sarah Elizabeth Allen celebrated her birthday. She’s the one who inspired me to blog and write. I decided to give this to her to express my gratitude for being a wonderful teacher, not only to me but to all the students who were under her.

Days after her birthday, I left this on her table before I went home.

That night, I opened my Facebook and saw her post, which consists of this picture and caption that expressed her thankfulness and appreciation. I admit, I’m so touched and I feel honor and pleasure to do such for Ma’am Sarah.

Watch out for more artworks, my dear readers. ‘Til next time! xoxo


Dwelling in my art world,




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