The Pride and The Passion #Bookworming101

After the campus fellowship activity with our co-peer facilitators, Careby and I decided to unwind somewhere in the city since it’s too early for us to go home. While strolling, she asked me if we could visit the Book Sale for a moment. She’s on the search for Janet Evanovich’s stories; she’s really urgent in completing the series.

So yeah. We stopped by the Book Sale to find Janet. Lots of books caught my attention while searching, and there’s this one I just can’t let go not because of the very cheap price (it’s only 20 pesos). That very moment, I met Jack Cavanaugh and the first part of his “African Covenant” series, The Pride and The Passion.

We went home when the clock reached 6pm.

I hurriedly opened the book when I reached my room.


Margot de Campion, a beautiful Huguenot orphan, lives in eighteenth century Holland with the Fabarez couple. The woman, Sylvie, treats Margot like a daughter, but Monsieur Fabarez is none too happy to have Margot in the house. After a tragic occurrence, Margot flees from the only home she has known for most of her life. She decides to travel on a ship. Through trials and triumphs, Margot is courageous and faithful to God.

After reaching Africa, Margot takes a cleaning job at the governor’s mansion. There she meets Jan van der Kemp, who visits the mansion. She warns him about a man she previously knew and whom Jan’s sister wants to marry, but he rebuffs her.

Then, Monsieur Fabarez arrives, seeking to destroy Margot on hideous charges. The governor does not believe Fabarez’s claims, but due to Margot’s previous “disruptive behavior,” the governor sends Margot to work in a slave compound.

Through a series of exciting and heart-wrenching events, Margot and Jan are drawn closer together and closer to God. 

(Source: Goodreads)

I swear, this is one beautiful story of twists and turns. I love how Margot’s faith was numerously tested by God. Although this is only a fiction, we can gain a lot of motivation and inspiration from Margot’s encounters. It is justified not only this book but also in reality that, there’s always a rainbow after the rain.

Not only that, I also love this story because the point of view is from a woman, which I can really relate myself.

Finished reading this in two days. I’d definitely go back to Book Sale to look for the series’ next parts. Awesome work, Monsieur Jack!


(27th of January 2016)





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