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Soothing Voice of an Angel


Dark place, quiet surroundings…

And her music to fit in the mood.

I found comfort in her soulful voice, got mesmerized with her beauty and I saw my life through her words. That’s how amazing this beautiful singing flower is.

Jasmine Lucilla Elizabeth Jennifer van den Bogaerde. Her long name just depicts how beautiful she is. She’s a singing bird whom resides somewhere in the land of the English people, hence her screen name “Birdy”.

Whenever I feel lonely, I scroll on my playlist to stream her music, particularly her songs “Skinny Love”, “Wings”, “Light Me Up” and “Tee Shirt”. She can always calm my nerves down, whenever I’m startled. My beloved reader, if you want to know me deeper than my skin, dig in her lyrics.



She’s my living statue; her courage to express herself with her songs and music videos made me believe that I’m not the only one whose soul is wearing the cloth of sad yet beautiful art. Her age is close to mine; we only have 3 years gap.

I really pray that someday, she’ll hold a concert here in my country. Or if not, I will be able to go to England and meet her personally. I do wish that she’ll read this and make a letter of response. She’s on my bucket list, you know.

Going indie,


(Written on 4th of November 2015)